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Institutional Communications

The Institutional Communications team is an experienced and dedicated central resource providing strategic advice for communicating and promoting McGill’s leading institutional and academic research initiatives to the general public, partners, stakeholders and media all over the world, as well as to the entire McGill community. 

Institutional Communications
James Administration Building
845 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G4
info.communications [at]

pierre.boisseau [at] (Pierre Boisseau)
Senior Director, Institutional Communications
514-398-2018 cell: 514-943-9655
pierre.boisseau [at]

maria.naso [at] (Maria Naso)
Administrative Coordinator
maria.naso [at]

guillaume.cossette2 [at] (Guillaume Cossette)
Senior Advisor, Executive Communications
(514) 398-2020
guillaume.cossette2 [at]

rosalie.nardelli [at] (Rosalie Nardelli)
Senior Advisor, Executive Communications
rosalie.nardelli [at]

Media Relations

We are McGill’s point of contact with the media.

cynthia.lee [at] (Cynthia Lee)
Associate Director, Media Relations
514-398-6754 cell: 514-793-6753
cynthia.lee [at]

katherine.gombay [at] (Katherine Gombay)
Senior Communications Officer
514-398-2189 cell: 514-717-2289
katherine.gombay [at]

shirley.cardenas [at] (Shirley Cardenas)
Media Relations Officer
514-398-6751 cell: 514-594-6877
shirley.cardenas [at]

claire.loewen [at] (Claire Loewen)
Media Relations Officer
cell: 438-837-3735
claire.loewen [at]

frederique.mazerolle [at] (Frédérique Mazerolle)
Media Relations Officer
514-398-6693 cell: 514-617-8615
frederique.mazerolle [at]

Internal Communications

We share news and information with McGill’s students, faculty and staff.

james.c.martin [at] (James Martin)
Associate Director, Internal Communications
james.c.martin [at]

neale.mcdevitt [at] (Neale McDevitt)
Editor, McGill Reporter
neale.mcdevitt [at]

Social Media and Web News

We inform and engage McGill's internal and external digital audiences.

laurie.devine [at] (Laurie Devine)
Social Media Manager
514-398-5929 cell: 514-891-5929
laurie.devine [at]

lindsay.coll [at] (Lindsay Coll)
Digital Communications Officer
lindsay.coll [at]

Faculty Communications

For media requests, please contact Media Relations.

Desautels Faculty of Management
rita.mcadam [at] (Rita McAdam)

Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
valerie.macleod [at] (Val Macleod)

Faculty of Arts
valerie.khayat [at] (Valerie Khayat)

Faculty of Dentistry
jennifer.timmons [at] (Jennifer Timmons)

Faculty of Education
Andee.Shuster [at] (Andee Shuster)

Faculty of Engineering
Antonella.Fratino [at] (Antonella Fratino)

Faculty of Law
Claire.Loewen [at] (K)karel.michaud [at] (arell Michaud)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Diana.Colby [at] (Diana Colby) / jason.clement [at] (Jason Clement)

Faculty of Science
Fergus.Grieve [at] (Fergus Grieve)

McGill Library
merika.ramundo [at] (Merika Ramundo)

Montreal Neurological Institute & Hospital
shawn.hayward [at] (Shawn Hayward)

Schulich School of Music
sophie.laurent [at] (Sophie Laurent)

For more contacts, please visit the Communications and External Relations website.






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